We do it all!

Links2 was founded in 2006 to meet a need among small businesses throughout Central Kentuckyby providing professional website and content management services at a reasonable cost while taking the burden of this important task off the shoulders of small business owners.

If you’re like most small business owners, you wear many hats. Managing your web presence is just one of them. But that takes valuable time from your bread and butter, which is selling your products and services. We carry the load by helping business you – especially if you have little expertise (or interest) in web design – with their web presence. We do everything for you, including submitting your site to the search engines, updating your content and more.

Stated as briefly as possible, we do it all.

That means we write, create, take photos, publish, host and maintain your listing all for a low monthly price. If your listing needs to be changed, you contact us and we take care of it for you. Menu changed? Call us. Hours changed? Call us.Moved to a new location? Call us. Added a new product line? Call us. We’ll take care of your web presence, for one ridiculously low monthly fee.

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